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Ways to Help Save on Ink Costs and Printer Consumption

1)    Refill your ink cartridges/tanks so they can be used over and over….save good cartridges from going into our landfills!  Environment_Sustainability_Cartridge_small


2)    Tank-based cartridges may be refilled up to 15 times on average since there are no significant on-board electronics which can fail (…typically ‘tanks’ can be refilled over and over until the cartridge’s plastic body becomes physically damaged).


3)    Avoid the Arial font. It uses more ink than Times New Roman and many other fonts.


4)    Print in Draft Mode (or on both sides of the paper if printer duplexing is available with your printer model).

5)    Minimize the use of color ink by printing text in grayscale or use the ‘Black Only’ print mode in your printer driver options (NOTE: printing documents which contain both text and graphics in greyscale mode will actually consume more CMYK ink vs just printing in the ‘Normal’ mode for most printer models).


6)    If your have an individual ink tank printer (i.e. 4, 5 and 6 ink cartridge printer models), it is suggested by HP & Canon to leave the printer powered on at all times (most will go into sleep mode within an hour), this will avoid the much heavier printhead ink priming and maintenance routines which are typically initiated when the printer is powered on and off.

“Inkjets left on consume very little power when not in use, so your ink savings should considerably outweigh the energy cost” – Consumer Reports August 2013


7)    Refilled ink cartridges typically provide consumers with 10-20% more ink, on average, vs. brand new ink cartridges from the manufacturer.  The additional ink will help offset ink consumption losses due to unavoidable automatic printer ink maintenance found in many of the newer HP, Canon and Epson printer models.

8)    Print your internet-based page content using CleanPrint from FormatDynamics (works with most web sites and supports most internet browsers).

For more information on the Cleanprint utility/app please visit: http://www.formatdynamics.com/cleanprint-4-0/


9)  Choose to Reuse and join the ‘Refillutionist’ evolution! You’ll save money on ink costs and you’ll support the environment by reducing landfill waste and help reduce toxic emissions from manufacturing processes.

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