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Test Prints

To test the printing performance of color or black individual ink tank cartridges or if you are not sure which color is presenting an issue then select the appropriate test file below and print, this will help aid in a determination. Alternatively, a printer manufacturer self-test page is typically included with most printers.


4-Color Test Print_CMYK  (pdf) – Use to test any standard 4-color printer.
6-Color Test Print CMYKLmLc  (pdf) – Use to test any standard 6-color printer.
Black-Grey Test Print  (pdf) – Use to help identify whether the black cartridge or photo black cartridge is out of ink* (i.e. misfiring / ink starvation)
Ink Recovery Test Print_CMYK  (pdf) – Use to revive a partially clogged ink cartridge and/or ink bubble trapped between cartridge and print head**
* Print a photo or text document. Faded black in a text document indicates the black cartridge is empty; faded black in a photo indicates the photo black cartridge is empty. 
** Effective for ink recovery in printers which use HP 564 and HP 920 ink cartridges.


NOTE: A faded band or missing color indicates cartridge is empty. If you observe ‘cross-contamination’ of one color into another color then this could be caused by a dirty service station (i.e. where the ink cartridges park) – refer to PRINTER MAINTENANCE.

Bad Self-Test

CAUTION: To avoid causing damage to the built-in printhead (or printheads), stop printing when you observe a color has gone out. Return the ink cartridge to your ink refill center for refilling.

 Stop Printing when a color drops out

Ink Cartridge Refilling and Care Tips – All Types:



Severe Print Quality Issues / Missing Colors (all 4, 5, & 6 ink cartridge printer models):

If, after adhering to all suggestions provided under ‘Solve My Problem’, your printer continues to exhibit degraded image quality and/or multiple colors are missing, as observed in the printer’s self test page or print quality/nozzle print test report, you may need to manually clean the printhead.

It is first suggested you activate the printer’s internal “Clean Printhead”, “Nozzle Clean”, “Head Cleaning” or “Deep Clean” procedure, etc. Depending on the print usage and/or age of the printer, it may be necessary to perform a hot-water flush of the built-in (semi-permanent or permanent) PRINTHEAD. Refer to links below for your printer type.



Printhead Life – All 4, 5, & 6 ink cartridge Printers: 

The replaceable or semi-permanent PRINTHEAD (or PRINTHEADs for HP88 & 940 ink-series printer models) will eventually fail over time with usage and age. Click here for more information.




Advanced HP Printer Diagnostics

To view advanced diagnostics tests for your HP printer, click here:


Ink Cartridges Premium Ink Refilling Service — Consumer Inkjet Printers 




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