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Canon 210/211, 240/241, 245/246 Cartridge Errors

Low Ink Warnings / No Printing AllowedCanon 210-211-240-241-245-246

As the electronics in the Canon ink cartridge and the printer communicate with each other, sometimes the printer will incorrectly identify an ink cartridge as empty or non-functional, and printing will not be allowed.  Typically, the printer’s Power/Ink level light will be blinking or an error message may be displayed (i.e. “Ink Has Run Out”) during the error condition.


To reset the Canon 210/211 (210XL, 211XL), 240/241 (240XL, 240XXL, 241XL), or 245/246 (245XL, 246XL) cartridge’s ink low alert condition (blinking or illuminated ink lamps) perform the following ink reset procedures:

Canon-245_printer-error-indication-on-MG-printer_cropped2_smMP240_Canon 211 color cartridge out_sm








Standard Ink Level Reset Procedure:

1) Install cartridge and start print job.

2) After first message appears, click ‘OK’ to continue. Printer should start printing.

3) If second message appears and printer’s LCD screen displays error code “E”, then DO NOT click ‘CANCEL PRINTING’.

4) Press and hold down ‘Stop/Reset’ (or ‘Stop/Resume‘) button (triangle-circle icon) on your printer for 5-8 seconds until the ink low indicators turn off or printer LCD displays a “1” (select models).

Canon Resume Buttons


Canon Printer Cartridge Error Reset Procedure  (MP / iP Models)


Canon 240-241 Cartridge Ink Level Reset Procedure (MG / MX Models)


Canon 245-246 Cartridge Ink Level Reset Procedure (MG Models)


Support Documentation: Canon Printer Reset Methods  (PDF)


Flashing Ink Indicator Lights / Error Codes Displayed:  

If you still have an error condition which prohibits printing, then the ink cartridge may have internal electrical damage (micro-electronics failure); such a failure is unrelated to the ink cartridge refilling process and naturally occurs with time, use and age of ink cartridge. Typically, when the cartridge fails the problem is ‘masked’ by the ink out/empty condition so it can be difficult to distinguish between the two.

MG3120_E6 Error (color cart)_sm

240-241 cartridge montage closeup1_sm



Poor Print Quality or Missing Colors:

If any streaks or missing colors appear on prints, thoroughly clean the cartridge’s electrical contacts and printer’s flex driver cable surface. If the cartridge is clogged then a warm water flush may be necessary to recover all colors. Click here for instructions.

Partially Jetting Nozzles

NOTE 1: A compatible, remanufactured or re-branded ink cartridge can be problematic when installed into the printer following refilling as it is usually on it’s 3rd life (or higher). Compatible cartridges are typically purchased on-line or at select retailers (i.e  sold under a different label than the regular Canon cartridge packaging) and is essentially a “remanufactured cartridge” of the Canon original/genuine ink cartridge. For the best refilling experience, only use Canon original/genuine ink tanks.

NOTE 2: All cartridges being repeatedly refilled eventually do fail.  Some cartridges/printers may encounter an unavoidable mechanical or electrical failure which is unrelated to refilling.  Check for physical damage on the cartridge.  Look at the print cartridge and see if there are any cracks, tears or missing elements.  Any one of these can cause a failure.  In these cases, you will need to purchase a new cartridge and start the refill process again after it has run out.



Canon 210-211 Printer Reset and Error Recovery Procedures (select your printer model below):

Canon PIXMA iP2700, Canon PIXMA iP2702, Canon PIXMA MP230, Canon PIXMA MP240, Canon PIXMA MP250, Canon PIXMA MP270, Canon PIXMA MP280, Canon PIXMA MP480, Canon PIXMA MP490, Canon PIXMA MP495, Canon PIXMA MP499, Canon PIXMA MX320, Canon PIXMA MX330, Canon PIXMA MX340, Canon PIXMA MX350, Canon PIXMA MX360, Canon PIXMA MX410, Canon PIXMA MX420


Canon 240-241 Printer Reset and Error Recovery Procedures (select your printer model below):

Canon PIXMA MG3220, Canon PIXMA MG3222, Canon PIXMA MG3520, Canon PIXMA MG3522Canon PIXMA MG4120, Canon PIXMA MG4220, Canon PIXMA MX372, Canon PIXMA MX392, Canon PIXMA MX432, Canon PIXMA MX439, Canon PIXMA MX452, Canon PIXMA MX459, Canon PIXMA MX512, Canon PIXMA MX522


NOTE: If you need to purchase a new ink cartridge(s) due to a cartridge failure or because a refill center is not conveniently located near you and you would like to cut ink costs, we suggest you try a remanufactured ink cartridge from http://www.inkplicity.com/  Their ink cartridges typically have the lowest cost in the USA, have a high reliability rating, come with a 1-year warranty and provide free shipping for all orders above $20 (purchases available to USA residents only).



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