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Inkjet Refill Service & FAQ’s


Thank you for choosing inkjet cartridge refilling; a service that combines quality, value, and sustainability. Refilling your cartridge(s) is easy, and does not void or impact your printer’s warranty; for more information click here.

NOTE:  Customers may experience “alerts” when using refilled cartridges. These nuisance messages are simply deterrents created by manufacturers and should be bypassed by pressing “OK”, “proceed”, “continue”, “accept”, etc.


3-Steps to Install Your Refilled Cartridge:

  1. Remove cartridge storage clip or cap (if applicable).
  2. Insert cartridge into printer.
  3. Press ‘Ok’, ‘yes’, ‘close’, ,dismiss’, continue’, etc. to bypass any nuisance messages.

Resources and Recommendations:

  • Stop the process if an “Unrecognized Cartridge”, “Cartridge Error”, or “Replace Cartridge” message appears. Please return the cartridge to your refill center for evaluation (i.e. Costco/Frys/Best Buy/University bookstore, etc).
  • We recommend that you keep a spare set of cartridges for convenience.



Krazy Coupon Lady talks about Costco’s Ink Refill Service:


To find the nearest ink refill center near you click here.




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