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HP 950/951

Cartridge Swap Procedure

HP locks out the HP 950 or 951 cartridge that has been newly refilled and immediately placed back into the printer.  But if any same-color spare cartridge is used in the printer prior to reinserting the new refill, then the new refill will work routinely. Spare cartridge refills have no expiration date.

Swapping HP950-951 cartridges_sm

You must have spare cartridges to activate your refilled cartridges

  1. Keep a full set of spare cartridges.
  2. As an in-printer cartridge is depleted, get a new refill.
  3. Put the spare into the printer.
  4. Save the new refill as the spare.
  5. Continue this two-set rotation pattern indefinitely.

Additional Information
Set-Up cartridges can be refilled. After refilling, the printer cannot track the ink level.  Ignore any incorrect low/empty alert messages, and any ink sensor warnings, by pressing ‘OK’.

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